Assets of Scentsy Entrepreneurship


Being part of the Scentsy family, it allows you to have a variable schedule and set your own aims and objectives. No matter what your background is or how many hours you choose to work, you can have a favorable business plan that suits your lifestyle.

The compensation plan offers bonus on personal sales and leadership incentives for building a team. Commission is paid to a consultant for the sale of commission-able products by Scentsy, represented as a percentage of market prices. Consultants are paid on the basis of their rank/titles in the front line. Royalties are based on the qualified retail sales of the product.

Positions –
• Essential Consultant
• Certified Consultant
• Lead Consultant
• Star Consultant
• Superstar Consultant
• Director
• Star Director
• Superstar Director

Earnings –
• 20% commission until first $1,000 in personal retail sales and 25% on personal retail sales after the first $1000.
• 2-9% personal sales royalty is based on the wholesale value of qualified personal sales. The percentage earned is determined by the “paid as” rank in the Compensation Plan.
• 2-9% team sales royalty, once you become qualified, based on the wholesale value of your team’s sales. This percentage is calculated on any Consultant in the personal team who is at a LOWER rank than you in the Compensation Plan. The percentage earned is determined by the “paid as” rank in the Compensation Plan.
• 0.25%-3% as a Director of the Director teams down through three generations. The percentage earned is calculated on your Director’s GWV. The percentage earned is determined by the “paid as” rank in the Compensation Plan.

Scentsy Products

Scentsy products can be bought either by contacting the local consultant or ordering them online on their website. Scentsy has a catalog of products and each year they release two new catalogues one in spring/summer season and the other in fall/winter season. The latest catalog can be viewed online, provided by the consultant or a PDF version can be downloaded from the website.

Scentsy sells a variety of home and personal fragrances, including scented wickless candles and decorative ceramic warmers, diffusers and accessories. They sell different scents which can be used in cars, rooms, etc. Laundry products like clothing conditioners, laundry liquids, washers, dryer disk, hand and kitchen soap.

Items for kids like Scentsy buddies, clips, scrubby buddies, bath smoothies, etc. Custom/certified Scentsy gift hampers are also available. These products are not available on retail locations as Scentsy is a direct selling company with independent consultants who only sell products in parties and trade shows.

Long Island Plumbers – Unique Assets of an Entrepreneur

long island plumbersMany people say that people in the Entrepreneurship and Business Owners world have something that others don’t. That is the will to learn. They do this since they realize that training is a continuous procedure. There are general approaches to improving, in less time, with less exertion. To put it plainly by Long Island Plumbers, the best business visionaries never quit putting resources into the most intense, compelling and best business and advertising apparatus at their quick transfer, which would be themselves. The best entrepreneurs are also always open to better opportunities, just go through Long Island Plumbers.

Understanding the Unique Assets of an Entrepreneur by Long Island Plumbers

long island plumbersWe’re living in a period when we as a whole expect our fast food lunch at the drive-through window to be prepared in simple minutes, our laundry to be prepared for getting around the same time, our cash to be accessible at the money machine and our pizza conveyed in thirty minutes or it’s free. You see the example creating. You should make it as simple as you can for individuals to work with you, paying little mind to the home business you work. You should stay mindful of the way that few individuals will buckle down, make a special effort, or be burdened only for the benefit of giving you their well-deserved cash. The shoe is dependably on the other foot.

long island plumbers

Long Island Plumbers state is is so important to make it simple for individuals to work with you which implies that you should be available to teach others about your items and administrations. You should have the capacity to furnish clients with what they need when they need it. Also, a decent notoriety is verifiably one of the home entrepreneur’s most unmistakable and attractive resources. You can’t just purchase a decent notoriety. It’s something that you acquire by respecting your guarantees. In the event that you guarantee to have the stock in the client’s hands by tomorrow, you have no reason not to have it there. If you have any questions about entrepreneurs simply go to: